artists, researchers and curators who visited the residency with lectures and workshops
The dance company Po.V.S.Tanze (Alexandra Konnikova and Albert Albert), philosopher and researcher Daria Demekhina, composer Alexey Kokhanov and artist and curator Katya Bochavar came to the residency with lectures and workshops.
Photo by Lev Arpishkin
26 OCTOBER 2017
Alexandra Konnikova and Albert Albert
28 OCTOBER 2017
Daria Demekhina
Philosopher and researcher Daria Demekhina gave a lecture on Antonin Artaud's concept Theatre of Cruelty and presented a film on Russian art-group RADEC. Daria also led a close-reading session of texts by Deleuze, Acconci, Merleau-Ponty, Macherey, May and others.
Photo by Lev Arpishkin
31 OCTOBER 2017
Alexey Kokhanov
Composer and artist Alexey Kokhanov conducted a workshop on sound, perseption of sound and relation of sound and body.
Katya Bochavar
Photo by Natalia Bazova

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